Committed to an ambitious CSR

Definition of CSR

Business contribution to sustainable development. The European Commission defines corporate social responsibility as “the responsibility of enterprises for the effects they have on society”. CSR concerns companies of all sizes, in all fields, and touches on the impacts of their activity throughout their value chain, i.e. all the processes and actions, both upstream and downstream, which enable value to be created.

The concept of CSR is developing and its implementation in the different strata of the economy is becoming more widespread

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CSR progress

The willingness of managers to integrate CSR into the company’s overall strategy is an important motivation for employees in 88% of cases*.


86% of companies consider sustainable development issues to be important*.


Delays and obstacles


However, obstacles to its development persist, leading to an increased risk of its real and lasting impact on the practices, commitments and progress of companies

70% of companies find it difficult to measure their CSR impact*.


In times of earnings pressure and uncertainty about the future, companies and their managers may be tempted to scale back their CSR ambitions. This is often due to an overestimation of the efforts to be made and an underestimation of the potential benefits.
The battle for real and sincere CSR is twofold: horizontal
because it must cover more and more areas and themes, and
vertical because it must coexist, in a coherent manner, in the
minds of all stakeholders.

CSR commitment can no longer be a simple lever for communication or self-congratulation: the time has come for a continuous, sustained and voluntary movement, shared by all players.

*Source: CSR Barometer 2022

Together, let’s contribute to the positive transformation of the economy