Frameworks, objectives and ethics of intervention

Introduction to the Foundation Oïkos

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Unite all CSR actors, institutional, public and private, around a universal definition of CSR

The mission

Since 2015, the Oïkos Foundation has been supporting responsible enterprise in all its dimensions, around the key missions it has set itself: raising awareness, involving stakeholders and training the younger generation.

Its aim is to encourage, support and finance innovative and useful projects to achieve a CSR that is better anchored and shared in the economic, political and societal panorama, in order to move rapidly to the “next world”.

The vision

Our goal ? To accompany the change that can only come from the citizens.

The economic model must change and we are committed to co-constructing a new model that is virtuous, responsible, fair and supportive of current societal changes.

Tomorrow’s company is tomorrow’s society.

Let’s change the world together.

Generate a positive impact on a better definition of CSR

To bring the stakeholders together, to speak the same language, to share a common definition of CSR and to act together, every goodwill is sought

The defended cause

  • Because the concept of responsible enterprise is not yet the subject of a unanimously recognised universal definition
  • Because we believe that by bringing together all parties in a common reflection, we will contribute to the emergence of such a definition and the materialisation of a shared reference base
  • Because CSR cannot remain a simple communication and promotion tool for certain companies, without verification of their practices, results and commitments
  • Because companies must be helped to change, even and especially in times of crisis and uncertainty

The Foundation's approach

  • The need to engage companies is no longer up for debate
  • The Foundation implements a wide range of initiatives, tools and spaces to help sincere companies in their CSR trajectory, regardless of their initial level, their means and ambitions
  • The Foundation works to reconcile this pressing need with the economic and financial stakes of companies, by working with them on the advent of more sustainable, virtuous, respectful and responsible models
  • The Foundation aspires to a CSR that has become part of the DNA of companies, because it is more inclusive, global, coordinated, adaptive and ambitious

Ethic and transparency

The ethic

The Oïkos Foundation has been active for 7 years and has the status of an ENDOWMENT FUND. It is registered under the SIREN number 813476207. The accounts and activity reports can be obtained on request from the Foundation.

The Foundation collects donations in cash and skills to support projects of general interest, the objectives and progress of which are presented in our Sponsorship brochure.


An endowment fund is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to :

  • to carry out a work or a mission of general interest, i.e. useful to the community, at a given time
  • or to help another non-profit organisation to carry out a work or a mission of general interest by granting it funding



L’organisation et l’orientation des travaux de la Fondation repose sur un ensemble opérationnel et homogène de trois structures.

Ces structures sont ouvertes à des collaborations avec des membres extérieurs nouveaux, qui voudraient contribuer à l’orientation ou la réalisation de nos missions.


Development Council

The Foundation’s Development Council is made up of all the Foundation’s ambassadors, patrons and other partners. They are regularly consulted on all the Foundation’s projects.

Scientific Committee

Its mission is to ensure the quality and coherence of the Foundation’s scientific projects and to assist it in its research work. The Scientific Committee brings together researchers, academics, experts and companies in a balanced way.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is representative of the functions and challenges of stakeholders, companies and organisations, in order to guide the work and reflection themes of the International congress of CSR.

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The Executive Board

Committed to going further with the Development Council Scientific Committee Steering Committee The Executive Board The Foundation’s Executive Board is made up of various scientific actors and actresses who frame and prioritise the orientations of its missions. They pay particular attention to the progress and usefulness of new and ongoing projects, to the proper use of funds and donations, and to the application of rigorous and explicit rules of governance.