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L'équipe Fondation Oïkos

Rémi Demersseman

The trajectory of a philentrepreneur

Rémi DEMERSSEMAN is the former director and founder of La Part de Rêve, a group of childcare centres. In this structure, he was able to discover the virtues of shared governance.

After the sale of this first company, he decided to go further with "Oïkosystème": a co-constructed virtuous circle that encourages the emergence of responsible companies.

Surrounded by open-minded experts, active contributors and imaginative project designers, he guides and accompanies the Foundation's work to convey an ambitious CSR message.

Christine Dalies

The financial and legal perspective

Christine DALIES is in charge of patronage at the Oïkos Foundation.
"Donations to the Foundation are eligible for a tax reduction provided for by the law of 1st August 2003.

Depending on the nature, amount and duration of your donations, we are at your disposal to implement the most useful plan for the projects and adapted to your objectives.

Your financial involvement allows you, if you wish, to participate actively in the orientation and organisation of our work."

Partners and experts